A Long Journey

Its been a long journey getting here, but I can finally announce that the debut EP from The Voiceless will be released in May! Everything has already been tracked and right now the producer is mixing the 6 songs that will make up Opened//Closed!

Its funny, the whole process of recording this EP was so appropriate. Nothing with this band has ever come easy and this EP was the same way. Plans were made to record for the first week of February and be finished by the middle of week two. In reality, tracking started the second week of February and didn’t finish until mid March. On top of that I lost my job during this time period. As frustrating as the delays were, I guess nothing more perfectly mirrors reality. When I was 19 I was certain that I’d have my first EP released by the time I was 20. Life had different plans though, and now 5 years later its finally happening! It’s hard to really explain how exciting this is for me! I love this music and I hope with all my heart that you will too and I can’t wait to share it with you! I’ll be blogging some this next week or so about Opened//Closed and the future of The Voiceless so stay tuned for lots of news and info!

So ya… Opened//Closed is coming! Can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Big thanks to Matt Goings from Killian Studios for producing it! You can (and should) check out his band at https://allgonegrey.bandcamp.com/

Also a big thanks to Lamar Butler for playing drums on the EP! He’s a killer drummer and you should also check out his band at https://janeeyrefl.bandcamp.com/

Hear the voiceless,